Misconceptions About The Religion Islam

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Although there is a lot of violence that occurs in different regions of the world from Ireland to Lebanon that involves religions like Hinduism and Christianity, the Western world still associates Islam with violence. The Muslim conquest of Spain and the Ottomans that dominated Eastern Europe have provided a history of Islam that is related to power and force. 

The upheavals of the past decade in the Middle East and the moments that use the name of Islam seek for solving the problems of the Muslim world are caused and created by the conditions which are largely beyond the control of Muslims. In order to understand the true nature of Islam, it is very important to analyze the question clearly and to remember that the word Islam means peace. The real goal of Islam is to maintain equilibrium among various forces. The Islamic concept of justice is related to the equilibrium, the word for justice in Arabic is (al-adl) while the word for equilibrium in Arabic is (ta’adul). Quran Tutor tells more about the sayings of Islam on Violence.

In order to embrace the world and not shun the “Kingdom of Caesar”, Islam has taken the responsibility for the world in which force is present. Peace that is present in a specific place or a garden can be accidental but it definitely cannot be the result of forced control, put in place with the aim of establishing and developing harmony. These forces can be social, natural and psychological.

If you Learn Quran Online, you can get to know about the laws of treating people and about punishments for different people in various circumstances, which play a role in maintaining peace.

With regards to violence Islamic law opposes the use of force in case of war and punishment of criminals. Inflicting injury to women and children is not allowed because it is a use of force against civilians. Only the fighters in the field of battle can be confronted with real force. Punishment of the criminals outside the sharia is not allowed and completely forbidden by the Islamic laws.

As far as violence is concerned, the use of unjust force against the rights of other people is not at all allowed in Islam. Rights of all human beings are defined by Islamic law. If there are violations in the society, then it is not because of the teachings of Islam, instead it is because of the misunderstanding and false interpretations of the teachings of Islam.

There is no concept of violence in the Islamic societies and despite many aggravating factors like overpopulation, colonialism, modernization, and industrialization there is less violence in the Islamic countries than in the west. Islam is totally opposed to violence. The perspective of Islam is based on moderation and its morality is grounded on the principle to avoid the extremes and stay on the middle path.

Similarly, if violence means the distortion of meaning or the fact that result in injury to people, Islam is totally opposed to it. Any distortion of the truth of the teachings of Islam can change the perception of a person, and he then possesses a very wrong concept of teachings of Islam in his mind.  

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