"The Day of Games!"

Come one, come all, for a day of fun and excitement as YMP invites you to join us for another funtivity series,

"The Day of Games!"

Relax, unwind, and choose from a variety of games ranging from simple board and card games, to challenging puzzle and trivia games, and even engaging role-playing games over at FnD Mindspot. Come on down and join the fun with your friends and make new ones here as well!

Date: Saturday, 5th May 2012
Time: 3pm til late (Join us for a while, or stay for the entire day!)
Venue: FnD Mindspot, Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Price: RM10 per person**




For enquiries, please contact
Hijaz - 017 319 7833
Wawan - 012 475 4456

For more information on FnD Mindspot, visit:

On a different but equaly important note:

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The Zaaba Talk - Solidarity Syria, Sunday, 15th April 2012 at 11am - 1pm.


The civil war in Syria has reached a boiling point. With no workable resolution, the war still continues. In the meantime, on the ground, a whole civilisation is in destruction.

YMP has joined in the growing international voice against this war. Carefully sidestepping the political mine bombs, this Campaign is vehemently clear on their objective - Pressure the leaders to stop the killing of the Syrian people!

Join us as the Campaign manager, Haris Akram, shares with us his vision, hope and expectations.

We'll also have special guests; 2 Syrian students to share the plight of their families and friends back home. Listen and understand their experience undergoing all these challenges and what they're doing to make things better.


Venue: Pusat Tuisyen Elit Maju
Map: http://g.co/maps/va6cz
Address: 19-2 Jalan 2A/6, Taman Setapak Indah, 53330 KL
Time: Registration @ 10.30am

There'll be a small registration fee of RM5

See you there!!

What you can also do:

1) Visit Solidarity Syria's facebook page at facebook.com/solidaritysyria and "Like" it.

Solidarity Syria! is an online Facebook campaign by YMP to publicize the violence in Syria.  This group is to show our support for the Syrian people via online activism. YMP also opposes any sort of military intervention in the Syrian Crisis, our goal is to end the violence by any peaceful means possible!

We invite all groups of people, irrespective of their religion, skin color, racial background and nationality to "Like" this page, so that we may achieve our objectives. Please visit our Facebook page (facebook.com/solidaritysyria) to learn more!

2)  Messages of support: We are requesting video messages of support from the Malaysian People to the Syrian people. If you have something to shout out to your Syrian brothers and sisters, please follow the instructions below:

-Use a video recording device; digital camera, video camera, camera phone, etc
-Find a quiet setting with good lighting; house, classroom, office, etc
-Imagine you have a Syrian friend who's facing difficulties in his country.
-Record a message of hope, encouragement, and support to the friend.
-The recording should not take more than 60seconds.
-Email the recording to solidaritysyria.ymp@gmail.com
-Look out for an update on the Solidarity Syria Facebook Page 

Over 7000 people, men, women and children have been killed in Syria since the uprising began last year. Since the morning of the 4th of March 2012 over mortar rounds and 500 mm machine gun have been fired into Jobar, a city in Syria by the Syrian army against civilians.

Stand up and let the Syrian regime know, that the world is watching and mobilizing! If this helps to save even one Syrian life then all of this will be worth it! We talk about terrorism, what is a worse form of terrorism than killing your people! 


Majestic Offer

by Jane

Back in December YMP hosted Dr Reda Bedeir on the topic of Jannah. This is what one attendee came away with.

“It’s heaven,” they say
When you love someone
And they love you back
And in their show of love
They never slack

They say things like
You’re my baby, my life
I’m yours forever
If you leave, I will die

Yes all this sweet talk
Is flattering I admit
Beggars promising kingdoms
Are typically passionate

But a majestic promise
Needs a majestic maker
And the promise of heaven
Is a majestic offer

Heaven, subhanAllah
Home and wholeness
Mysterious and Unseen
Like love
Fortress of freedom
Unshackled from struggle
Secure and Free
From loss

Contentment eternal
Forever bathed in love
Heaven could be a hut
It’d be more than enough

But Allah in His Majesty
Promises much more
Luxurious abodes
Majestic d├ęcor

Walls of gold
Floors of pearls
Magnificence, par excellence
Of all the worlds

Motivation and mockery
Irresistible, so odd
This offered to me?
A servant, so flawed

There are places in heaven
He built with His Hands
This world is just sand

So don’t promise forever
Don’t belie the fact
That we’re all beggars of time
Time we owe back

Back to Allah
Yet Al-Wadud He
Considers it a loan
Lend Him what’s His
His Jannah you’ll own

This is love personified
Incapable by you or I
Undeserved yet unmatched
From this world we must detach

Mind and heart cannot resist
Despite its blackness and disease
Ya Allah, forgive me please
I am Yours, I believe