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NPMSS Usrah: Sparks of Faith | Chapter 1: Sacrifices

Time: 7-830pm*
Venue: Darulssalam Mini Auditorium, level 2
Topic: Sacrifices by Ustadz Nuzhan

Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters! For the first time, NPMSS is holding a monthly USRAH!

What is an Usrah?
It is a discussion open for ALL who desire to increase the understanding of Islam.

For this special month of Zulhijjah, we will be exploring deeper into sacrifices:
How is the Qurban performed?
And what is the story behind it?
Who was the first man ever to perform Qurban?
If you want to know the answers to these questions, then come and join us!(NON-NP STUDENTS WELCOMED)

*The event starts with solat maghrib at 6.51pm, followed by refreshments at 7-720pm at level 2 before the talk by Ustadz Nuzhan commences. Be sure to come and insyaAllah we’ll all benefit from it!


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