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Greed is embedded strongly in our system


Generosity is an important Buddhist practice. We have been taught to practice giving (dana). Giving can be in the form of money or kind. It also include services to others And when you are able to give, it reduces your greed (lobha).

In this video, you will notice, greed is embedded strongly in our system. When we owned somethings, it's hard for us to give away. It is shown here in this video, nearly all kids freaked out when their parents told them that they have eaten their candies.

But, if you watch till the end, you will see generosity in action. I'm sure you would agree that being able to share is lovely. When you are able to give-up things in life, you are in full control. Though you may feel some amount of pain, but you are better off.

Happy viewing...

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Bugs Tan
16th Jan 2013


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