Things we can't understand


It is very difficult to avoid people from blaming you for things you didn't do. You have no hands in it and yet, people blamed you for certain things and point the finger at you. This is very damaging. Things like this happened because of jealousy.

People are jealous of your success. They just could not stand you for getting all the attention and glamour while he did not. Due to jealousy, he talked behind your back. Spreading lies and poison other people's mind about you. They even write to your bosses. This stab right on your back and it's painful.

However, these things are natural phenomena. It happens to me all the time. And it will continue to happen as long as I live. In fact there are a few more natural phenomena you need to watch out for. They will come to you whether you like it or not. And when it comes, you need to be strong. You need to be as solid as a rock and do not let those things affect you. You should not be swayed. Watch you emotions (Vedena). Even though some of these winds are good things.

These are 4 pairs of Dhamma winds that we experience through out our lives. No matter if we a just a normal person on the street or a big shot in the society. Even Arahants and the Buddha also faced such phenomena. They are :-

Praise and blame.

Honor and disgrace

Gain and lost

Happiness and sadness

There is so many things we cannot understand. Especially, seeing the people we trust the most doing the wrong things even though they know it's not a right thing to do, and yet they commit to it.

I hope this helps. I wish you well and may you be wiser the next time these winds hits you.

Bugs Tan
1st Feb 2013


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