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Rev Dr Sumana Siri Sangha Nayaka


Kindly allow me to introduce to you Rev Dr Sumana Siri Sangha Nayaka, who have visited us recently.

Ven.Dr Sumana Siri, a Singapore-Malaysian monk resides in (Buddhist Realist's Vihara) in London and Italy. 40 years ago Ven.becomes a monk under MoratuweMahaThera, Chief Monk of Sri Lankaramaya. Venerable got himself trained in all aspects of Buddhism including Oriental Languages.

Learning science at college with Western Classics and Economics, Ven.then embarked on Universiti education, which earned him a Diploma and an Honours degree together with certs in German, French and Hindi.
The last 25 years, Ven.Sumana read research papers as a Sociology and historian in 52 countries. A qualified medical doctor (UK & USA) Ven.has a post graduate in Christian Theology too.

Venerable Dr.Sumana was appointed the Chief Sangha NayakaThera of the UK & Europe  and recently Malaysia and Singapore by the Sri Lankan Sangha.

1st Feb 2013


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