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In recent time over the last decade, we have experienced a surge of interest in Buddhism in Indonesia. There is an increase of interest among ordinary especially in the Theravada tradition. If you do a search on Google and You tube, you will notice that there is a lot of activities going on. New Buddhists center are sprouting like mushroom. There is so many talks by Monks, meditation and retreats, pindapacara and other activities.

A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of having Ven Khemanando the chief Monk of Indonesia Theravada Buddhist Center (ITBC) to deliver a talk at our center. In this sharing Bhante spoke about compassion (karuna). It was good to know that he has done so much in Indonesia. Ven Sir is such a skillful monk that he even managed to get the people on the street from all walks of lives to participate in the alms round.

Here is a video of one of his event

Pls click here to go to You tube

Here is a brief of  Ven. Bhikkhu Khemanando

Bhikkhu Khemanando was born in 1978 and lives in Jepara, West Java, Indonesia. Bhikkhu Khemanando was ordained as a monk on 21st October 2002 in Wat Thungho-Buriram, Thailand by Chief Y.M. Bhante Avuddhapanno Mahathera (Choukan Phraprasatsarakhun) for 5.5 years in Thailand. He obtained his  Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English and Dhamma (Nakdham III (EK) / Dhamma-Vibhangga III) in Mahamakut Buddhist University Thailand. He was an assistant Dosen in Mahamakut Buddhist University for about two years.

In 2009 he returned to Indonesia and was appointed  the chief monk of Indonesia Theravada Buddhist Temple. He has given many Dhamma talks in Medan and most of the Buddhist Temple in Sumatra. 

Thank you Bhante for dropping by at BUBS. We hope you come back again. May you be well and happy. May you continue to guide us.

3rd Feb 2013


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