Condition of Spiritual welfare


All of us need to strive for a living. To bring food to the table and shelter over our roof. This is a capitalistic world and that's how things are done. Not a perfect game to play, but what choice do we have. It's an ugly world. No money no talk.

To make matter worst, there are more wolves than human being. Though they look like fellow human being, but beneath that human look, is an animal mind. That's why it is so difficult to make an honest living.

I try looking into the Buddha Dhamma to see if I can get a clue on how to live through this. I'm glad I found it here in the suttas. This is what the Buddha has advised us to do.


in this sutta, the Blessed One instruct wealthy householders how to preserve and increase their prosperity and how to avoid loss of wealth. Wealth alone, however, does not make a complete man or a harmonious society. The unrestrained craving, however,leaves him dissatisfied and stifles his spiritual fulfillment. It creates conflict and disharmony in society through the resentment of the underprivileged who feel themselves exploited by the effect of unrestrained craving.

Therefore the Blessed One follows up on this advice on material welfare with the four essential conditions for spiritual welfare:

* Confidence (in the Master's Enlightenment),
* Virtue
* liberality
* Wisdom

These are four will instill in man a sense of higher values. He will then not only pursue his own material concern, but also be aware of his duty towards society. The observing of this conditions of material and spiritual welfare will make for an ideal citizen in any society

Thus have I heard, once the Exalted One was dwelling amongst the Koliyans, in their market town name Kakkarapatta. Then Dighajanu, a Koliyan, approached the Exalted Ones, respectfully saluted Him and sat on one side. Thus seated, he addressed the Exalted Ones as follows:-

" we, Lord, are laymen who enjoy worldly pleasure. We lead a life encumbered by wife ans children. We use sandalwood of Kasi. We deck themselves with garlands, perfume and unguents. We use gold and not silver. To those like us, O Lord, let the Exalted Ones preach the Dhamma, teach those things that lead to weal and happiness in ths life and to weal and happiness in future life"

Angutarra Nikaya VIII.54

I hope it also bring sense to you.

Bugs Tan  
1st March 2013


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