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NPMSS Columnist | Life: An enduring run.

At times I find myself preoccupied with school work and life I find myself stuck in the rut. I feel like giving up with every moment passing by. The stress that piles up on my shoulders seem to burden me and I feel hopeless. Despite the challenges in life, I've been advised, encouraged by people around me not to give up - on life. Furthermore, my love for running gives me the edge to turn the tides of life. Just a single hobby and you can derive a thousand and one lessons from it. Alhamdulillah. 
I don't know about the rest of you but  I see life as a repetition. We're given 24 hours a day, everyday. We wake up to the same daily routine: fajr, school, home. Of course this is succinct but I'm sure if elaborated our schedule would be more complex.
"How then, life is a repetition?" One might ask.
As Muslims, we've been told to worship the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, to obey to his commands and avoid whatever He has forbidden. Some muster the courage to overcome these challenges and succeed. Others, though they try their best, fail at certain tasks/challenges. It is normal to fail in life. Some take it as a lesson while others fail to learn from their failure. If they could widen their minds and look at life at a different angle, perhaps it could change everything.
Repetition. Everything that needs perfection requires repetition. Practice makes perfect they say, but how perfect is the practice if there isn't proper focus and will towards the repetition done? Often we see top runners achieve excellence through repetition of focus and determination. What made them achieve what they wanted? One can say preparation and a clear definite goal set in their mind pave the way towards success for them. It is true. We often overlook certain aspects of life without much introspection. I for one, enjoy running and I recall once when I had won first in a marathon. I remember how  the time and effort put in the competition was set; I made early preparation for it and I had a clear goal set in mind. Thus, the focus and determination came in naturally. The reward was satisfying, as I felt every drop of sweat produced was worth the sacrifice.
I see life the way I see running itself. I've learnt a lot from engrossing myself with sports, especially running. I thank Allah for the opportunity given, to see life from a different point of view - for a clearer view. Life is a repetition that we need to excel each and every day. We should know our purpose and objective in life; a clear and definite purpose and make an early preparation for the betterment of our souls. Time and health: This is perhaps the greatest gift we've been given from Allah. In this day and age, we are bound to be careless towards our time and health. Pause for a moment and ask yourself: Have I been doing everything for the pleasure of Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He)? Utilizing these two benefits provide productivity for one's soul and in turn create happiness.
I know, every individual has their own set of problems to solve every single day, but if we keep reminding ourselves of our true goal and stay focus, we can be motivated to achieve perfection. "You are what you do repetitively" is an adage we can put in our hearts, because if we do good regularly, we receive good! As for the other, it can be said the same.
Early planning --> Early preparation --> Clear goal in mind --> Practice (Repetition with focus and determination) --> GOAL
We are still in our youth, let's make the best of everything to plan and prepare for the real purpose in life. We're not perfect but we can strive for perfection.
Life is an enduring run everyone is facing. Look up and keep running towards the Goal, for winners never quit and quitters never win! (Jannah for the winners and Jahannam for the quitters!)
May Allah bless each and every one who reads this and May Allah grant us the Strength to implement what we have learnt in life. Ameen.
And with the new Islamic year and new Islamic month, Awal Muharram coming our way, let's rectify and purify our intentions and renew the engine of our hearts. Let's try to achieve greater heights in life Insya'Allah! Start with Bismillah, end with Alhamdulillah! :)
- The Yellow Glass


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