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I am a slave

I am a slave

I have become a slave of my desires;

I have fallen into the trap of this world

And change is something dire.

I have become a slave of anger;

A spark of  fire was all it took,

And now I am an oncoming danger to everyone.

Never was that my intention,

Thus, the only way out is Ablution,

To which I am cooled down the moment I am enraged.

I have become a slave of sorrow;

Forever bringing back the past

And never positive for the morrow

While the present is left unattended.

I have become a slave of the people;

I followed the flock of emptiness

And I am finding it hard to find a way 

Out of the darkness they enjoy -

The heart is left devoid

And now I am stranded in a sea of sorrows.

I have become a slave of technology;

Piling up frivolous stories that do not concern me -

Oh the mental slavery!

"None but ourselves can free our minds."

As much as it seems of the slavery I have become,

And the sins I have collected,

I am reminded -

I am a slave of The Most Merciful.

Everything is Beautiful

When you add Him

Into your equation of life and death

For it only reminds you

Of the deception

This world contains.

Turn back now to the right path.

It is never too late

For you and I

To seek His forgiveness.

Remember now

And tell yourself:

"Indeed, I am what I am: I am Abdullah."

I am a slave of Allah -

I am the slave of The Most Merciful.

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