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Welcome Note! - NPMSS Plug-In 2013: One Love, One Ummah

Assalammualaikum Wr. Wb.

Ahlan Wa sahlan Brothers and Sisters!

What does Ahlan Wa Sahlan means?
It's an Arabic greeting which commonly means 'Welcome!'.
So a big WELCOME to you - my dear Brothers and Sisters to our Ngee Ann Polytechnic Muslim Students' Society Family. Jeng Jeng Jeng!

Whether you are a freshman who is super-duper excited to embark on your Polytechnic journey or a junior/senior taking that big leap into Year 2 / 3 - on behalf of my Executive Committee, I thank you for interest and continued support for this blessed society, may Allah SWT bless you (yes you!) for that. 

The fact that you made it over here on this blog-page, be it by chance or just dropping by to say "Hi!" by checking out what is up and coming for the AY 2013/2014 means that you want to find out what is the buzz is all about? Similarly, I am certain that you might be thinking…

- What is this ONE LOVE, ONE UMMAH thingy on Facebook?
- Why the POSTER SO COOL like that?
- The finger-models must have bitten their nails in sheer desperation to quickly pose for for the poster shot.

Moreover, I suppose you might have bumped to an Unusual Brother cloaked in white jubah aimlessly walking around campus having a cool-looking Helmet on his head, waving a flag in a pretty much enthusiastic fashion.

Well ladies and gentlemen, with great pleasure here's introducing you to the first ever NPMSS event for AY 2013-2014, that is Plug in! FOC 2013. Its a fun-filled 3D2N orientation camp packed with that much-needed ice-breakers for you to get to know you fellow Ummah, not just for our freshmen, but for the freshmen at heart too

Personally, having been through the camp year after year since my good ol' freshmen days, it is a wonderful retreat for the heart, mind and body simply by getting to know and converse with like-minded friends - forging lasting friendships as well as sharpening our survival tools before heading out to the wild navigating through our polytechnic life which will definitely be a densely-thick jungle of challenges, assignment-stress and social-drama. 

An exciting line of activities has been specially planned just for you by the camp committee. I have full confidence and excitement in which our facilitators have been gearing themselves long and hard in awaiting for your arrival, hence we pray to Allah SWT that you will benefit greatly from such experience.

Nonetheless brothers and sisters, this expedition of life will be one that is absolutely memorable and by the time you are about to leave polytechnic I assure you, double-confirm plus chop - the sweet memories of Polytechnic life with one another will be sweet-constant reminiscent that is hard to forget and will definitely last till akhirah.

So let the good times roll and insyallah, we will see you soon at camp! 

Jazakallah Khayer,

Firdaus Bin Mohd Abdullah
Advisor | NPMSS Plug-In 2013: One Love, One Ummah
Graduate | Diploma in Early Childhood Education

“Let there arise from amongst you a group of people calling to all that is good, enjoining the good and forbidding the evil, they are the ones who are successful.” [Surah Ali-’Imraan 3:110]


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