Staying Healthy All The Time


I've just got another book published "Turning Ideas into Innovation". This is a simple guide book for people trying their hand on creating their first invention. You can read a brief description of the book here.

In this book I wrote two articles. One of theme is this, "Staying healthy all the time". Which I think it is appropriate to re-publish here for your reading pleasure.

Staying healthy all the time

It is clear to us that the mind is the main tool for creating an invention. If we are serious about creating new innovations, then we must be serious about taking care of our mind. The human mind is still very much an unexplored human territory. Scientist today know very little about the mind. We do not know where the location of the mind is. Or how it functions or where the right button to press to get it to work to its full potential is.

The mind and the brain are two different entities altogether. The brain is like the computer hardware while the mind is like the software. Just like electricity, we can feel it, use it, get electrocuted by it. But electricity cannot be seen by our naked eyes. The Mind is much the same, we can feel it and use it but we can’t see it.

Due to its invisibility to our naked eyes, most people are ignorant of its presence. Man often abuse it and do not know how to take care of it.

In my case, I do a few things to keep my mind healthy.

 I sleep early and let my mind have a good rest every night. I sleep at about 10.30pm daily. I get an average sleep of 8 hours a day. I know most people out there are late sleepers. I hope you change that habit and try sleeping early. It will do you a whole world of good. Having much sleep also keeps your physical body healthy.

 I try to keep a calm mind at all times. It is very difficult for us to avoid conflicts in our daily life. Whether at home or at work, as long as there are two human beings, opinions and preferences will differ, thus disagreement and conflicts may occur sometimes.
I do my best to live a harmonious life. When the going gets tough, I slow down my pace and take things easy. I will not allow an argument to ruin my day.

 Sometimes, I do have many new ideas at one time. When such situation happens, I will not embark on too many projects in one go. I will prioritize my projects and try to do only those that are within my capability. I’ve also developed a system called “traffic lights” to manage the various on-going projects which are all running concurrently at the same time. This system allows me to manage it without difficulty and without having to sacrifice any of them

When ideas come to me, I treasured them. New idea comes to me at various times of the day without warning and prior notice. And whenever an idea pops-up, I will jot it down on my note book. Then later transfer it into a folder in my computer called Incubation box.

 Being an inventor is a lonely job. Therefore, I create a circle of friends to support me. Whenever I can, I’ll discuss my ideas with them. Seeking advice, comments and opinions from them. More importantly, we support each other emotionally when things are not going right.

There is a timeless wise saying about our human mind by a great teacher who lived some 2,500 years ago in India. This has inspired me to do good whenever I’m creating a new invention. It goes like this:

Mind is the forerunner of all good states.
Mind is chief,
Mind-made are they.
If one speaks or acts with pure mind,
Because of that, happiness follows on,
Even as one’s shadow that never leaves.
Wishing you all the best in your projects

Bugs Tan
18th March 2013


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