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Bismillah Ar- Rahman Ar-Rahim

Assalamualaikum my brothers and sisters in Islam.
May this reach you in the best health and iman possible.

I would like to take this opportunity to share something that happened and insyaAllah will be beneficial to whoever is reading this.

By definition ‘struggle’ is to make forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint or constriction.
Sounds like the last thing we would want to go through right?
But masyaAllah even a word as negative as ‘struggle’ is deemed as something beautiful in Islam.
In Islam, a struggle is not just a struggle.
When we are struggling and if Allah wills it, we would discover many things not just about ourselves, friends but most importantly our Creator.

There was this period of time where I felt suffocated and overwhelmed with the responsibilities on my shoulders. Alhamdullilah Allah blessed me with a support system that never gave up on me. They constantly gave me reminders about how Allah is always there with me and all I had to do was look for Him. He believes I can overcome this struggle because as mentioned in Chapter 2: Surah Al-Baqarah of the Holy Quran verse 286:

  "On no soul doth Allah place a burden greater than it can bear."

At that point of struggle, I was as lost as I could get. I knew He was there but honestly today, I questioned myself how much did I actually make the effort to reach out to Him? Call and seek comfort in Him at that point of struggle?

What happened truly showed me how Allah is the most merciful.

It was on 5th of March 2013, Tuesday.

I was on the bus and felt extremely numb. Path was that medium I went to where I could be honest about my feelings and indirectly or directly I was making prayer. 

This was what I Path-ed:

Ya Allah, I pray for rain. It’s only the beginning and already I feel burnt out. I feel like everything’s going wrong and crumbly. The thought of regret and backing out is always at the back of my mind. I believe if you put me to it you will get me through it. Perhaps rain would cool and calm me down. Give hope. Ameen.

So what happened at the end? MasyaAllah it did rain! Considering the fact that the past few days weather was extremely warm, I felt that it was truly a blessing from Him. Perhaps you would say what happened might be mere coincidence but we all know for the fact that in Islam, everything happens for a reason.

The thing that I always take away from what happened is that no matter how much you feel like giving up and feel like you’re at the most constricted point of your life, hold up the gifts that Allah has blessed upon you (your two hands) and make a prayer. He is ALWAYS ready to listen and no matter how early or how late you call Him, He will always pick up. InsyaAllah, when you make the effort, He will not let you be.

Alhamdullilah I have come to the end of what I wanted to share. Please forgive me for any shortcomings of my post or story.

May whoever is reading this be blessed with Allah’s mercy and love.


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